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Saturday, February 21, 2009

A few creations and ideas

So I joined a great forum for scrap designers (brownie scraps) and participated in the LOTD unbaked brownie challenge. I was really proud of what I came up with... I got my inspiration from several different places... The frame and flower template in the Madeleine Ann LO came from a page template from Traci Reed. Anyway... I just wanted to show them off... ;)
This last one is my new signature on CafeMOM. I used a template by Traci Reed Designs that I just fell IN LOVE with... Isn't my little girl sooo pretty!!! lol
But onto my ideas.... I have a couple kits in the works this weekend but being that it's Mardi Gras in Mobile I don't know how quickly I'll be able to get them posted... Soooo... I may end up offering one as a freebie. I bet y'all would like that huh? hehe. So check back throughout the week and see when I finish it...
REMEMBER: My freebies are all limited time so you don't wanna miss out!!

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